HID Xenon Ballast (35W Normal Digital TN-3001)
  Posting Date : 2019-03-24 11:03:30

Detailed Product Description

Product Description

1) Input voltage range: 9~16V
2) Efficiency: >84%
3) Cold light up current: 6.0~7.5A
4) Hot light up current: 3.8~4.5A
5) Stable working current: 3.4~3.7A
6) Stable working voltage and power: 12V,35W+/1W
7) Working Temperature: -45C ~ +105C

1) IR chips in the ballast!
2) Intelligent digital circuits,
3) Never exceed 0.8% defective rate from last 4 years!
4) Twice aging test before packing.
5) Riot control, heat dissipation design
6) Short light-up time

Submitted test as below:
1) 6 hours continuous working aging test
2) Connection circuit protection test
3) Over voltage protection test
4) Flash light concussion test
5) Quakeproof capability test
6) Cold,warm boot test
7) Polarity protection test
8) Short and circuit protection test
9) EMC anti-jamming test

Contact Information
Contact:Nick Lin
Room 1221, Biyun Commercial Centre, No. 104, Xianlie Zhong Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China