Auto CCFL Angel Eyes (Specific use for MAZDA 6)
  Posting Date : 2019-03-23 22:04:52

Detailed Product Description


Working current: 6.5 +- 1A
Lumen Voltage: 700 +- 5%Vrms
Brightness: 32,000 +- 10%Cd/M2
Color Temperature: 8000K +- 200K (White color)
Working Power: 3.5W +- 10%W
Frequency: 40 +- 5%HZ
Life span: Over 15,000 hours
Available color: White, red, blue, yellow, green, purple, etc.



CCFL angel eye Rings
1. Adopting the most advanced electrode from Japan, with a much better effect than the

normal flat one. No blackening electrodes, no blind lighting area, enjoys a lifespan of over

2.5-3 times as the normal one.
2. Adopting the most advanced and stable Japan-made phosphor in the aperture, with 15,000 to

20,000 hours lifespan.
3. The stability of light and color is consistent.


1. Small current, low power consumption, extending the lifespan of aperture, power saving.
2. Protection for appropriate voltage and current, no limited current to the four CCFL

3. Stable quality: Subjected to over 20 hours' anti-shock and humidity test.
   Color: blue, white, red ,yellow, purple.


Purchase terms:

1. Samples are available, 10 sets after samlple order.

2. Price: $17/set

3. 4 rings, 2 inverters and user manual in one set.

4. Warranty: 12 months' from shipment.

5. Packing: packed in Neutral Black box, 30 sets per big box

6. Weight: 0.55KG/set, 16.5KG/box

7. Selling Market: North America, South America, Europe, Austrial, Asia

Contact Information
Contact:Nick Lin
Room 1221, Biyun Commercial Centre, No. 104, Xianlie Zhong Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China